What Is Your Future Ambition?

How many times have you answered this question? And what was your answer? Kids when small, tell the weirdest things, but it can also be the truth as well. For example, they see a postman or a fire fighter and imagine themselves as such. Unlike us they are not afraid to voice those preferences when asked.

Have an objective and be knowledgeable about it
So whatever your answer was at grade 1, it would have been changed by now, or stayed same. Even though some say traditional jobs are dead, medical and legal professionals, teachers and engineers are still needed in this world. What has changed is, how they are working. Earlier an engineer had to take a long time to work on a blueprint, now they can use computers and developed technology and come up with a mini version of a building, within amatter ofminutes. So you need to be familiar with developments in technology related to your chosen career. You must find out how an attorney can use novel technological andmedical findings for law suits, how a doctor can use electronic stethoscope for the betterment of their patients.

Plan to study towards it
Each career has a different way to approach to it. Medicine and law, for example, are sometimes postgraduate qualifications; meaning you have to complete a bachelor’s degree and then study for another number of years tobe qualified as a medical or a legal professional. For attorneys, there are more exams and training periods to be able to practice in a court of law. For engineers, on the other hand, once you are graduated you can start work. Architects however need to sit and get through a professional level examination to be eligible to practice commercially. You need to be aware of all these when you choose the career for your future.

Get familiar
Even if there is yet a long time for you to really act as a professional, there is no harm in learning to be one from now on. As a medical professional you need to know how to handle a household item such as a bp monitor. As a software professional you need to be familiar with the tech jargon. As any career oriented person, you need to know how to conduct yourself in an official as well as an informal setting. You must use your negotiation, leadership and presentation skills to win any situation that comes across, be it in your day-to-day life, at home or in college. Whichever way your future lies it is in your hand to mould it properly. Some wish to become one sort of a professional and end up being a totally different one; all that is ok as long as you serve your motherland and are happy in life.